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Hello! I'm Scarlett.


Why I am in UX/UI:

In my previous professional chapter, I worked as a recruiter and employment consultant for a couple of years. It was during my final adventure in employment services that I had the opportunity to work for a program in collaboration with Ryerson University, sponsored by Accenture. This program aimed to assist internationally trained IT professionals. It was through this experience, while helping my clients find placements, that I developed a profound interest in technology and felt the urge to be a part of it.


Initially, I considered pursuing a career in development, but soon realized that I wanted to understand the “WHY” behind those lines of code. After thorough research and engaging in insightful coffee chats, I discovered that UX/UI would be the perfect fit to navigate my career in the tech industry. 

Where I am now:

Currently, I work as a UX/UI Designer for Shoplogix, a Customizable Enterprise SaaS platform specializing in the smart factory sector. As the sole designer on the team, I relish the opportunity to tackle every major aspect of the UX design process, from conducting research to design to user testing, while also ensuring a smooth transition to development.

Aside from UX/UI:

I have a passion for cooking and discovering new recipes from various cuisines, be it Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or anything in between. This wonderful hobby has helped me find joy and resilience during the lockdown period in my cozy little condo.

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